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Alur Administrasi Kendaraan Bermotor

1. UU. No. 22 of 2009 on Lalin and Angkuta Jalan;

2. PP. No. 43 of 1993 on Traffic Infrastructure on the Road;

3. PP. No. 44 of 1993 concerning Driver Vehicles;

4. Per Pres. No. 107 of 2006 Functional Department Allowance of Motor Vehicle Tester;

5. Regulation of the Minister of Environment No. 5 of 2006 on The Threshold of Exhaust Emissions of Old Motor Vehicles;

6. Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. 63 of 1998 on The Threshold Requirements of Motor Vehicle Road, Gandeng Train, Tempelan Train, Karoseri and Cargo Tub and its Components;

7. Decree of the Minister of Transportation on Periodic Testing of Motor Vehicles;

8. Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. 9 of 2004 on Testing of Motor Vehicle Types.

1. Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation No; SK.1763/KP.108.DRJD/2005 on Technical Emergency Response to Passenger Transport Accidents;

2. Schedule. No. 27 of 2008 concerning The Organization and Governance of the Office.

1. If it is not carried out according to procedure it will hinder the course of this activity.

1. Have administrative skills as needed;

2. Knowing the SOP in accordance with its tupoksi;

3. Understand the rules of the treasury.

1. Office Stationery;

2. Computer;

3. Printer;

4. Scanner;

5. Related Forms;

6. Proof of Payment.

1. Every one working day in data and archives manually and electronically.

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