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Uji Emisi pada Pengujian Kendaraan Bermotor

1. Law No. 22 of 2009 on LLAJ

2. Law No. 28 of 2009 on Local Taxes and Local Levies

3. PP No. 44 of 1993 on Vehicles and Drivers

4. Per Minister of Transportation No. 133 of 2015 on Periodic Testing of Motor Vehicles

5. Kep Men Transportasi No. 9 of 2004 on Testing of Motor Vehicle Types

6. Kep Men Transportasi No. 71 of 1993 on Motor Vehicle Testing

7. Kep Men Transportasi No. 63 of 1993 on Road Threshold Requirements

8. Kep Men Perhungan No. 67 of 1993 on Procedures for Inspection of Engineering Requirements and Road Traffic of Motor Vehicles on the Road

9. Tangerang City Regional Regulation No. 4 of 2014 on Changes to Regional Regulation No. 16 of 2011 on Public Service Levy

10. Tangerang Mayor's Regulation No. 110 of 2016 on The Establishment of Organization and Working Procedures of Technical Implementation Unit of Motor Vehicle Testing at the Transportation Office

1. SOP of each work unit at the Tangerang City Transportation Office

1. Non-compliance with this SOP will cause disruption and delay of the queuing system

2. Non-compliance with this SOP will lead to a decrease in the quality of service

1. Understand the laws and regulations regarding terminals

2. Have the ability to coordinate and communicate with the team

3. Able to serve service users in a friendly, deft, and professional manner

4. Understand the characteristics and culture of the community

1. Testing Instruments

2. Registration Book and Blanko Form

3. Equipment and ATK

4. Test Book

1. Monthly Reports and Annual Reports

2. Master Card

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