Form Input SOP

Pemungutan Retribusi Terminal

1. Law No. 22 of 2009 on LLAJ

2. Law No. 28 of 2009 on Local Taxes and Local Levies

3. Law No. 25 of 2009 on Public Service

4. Ministry of Transportation No. KM 35 of 2003 on The Implementation of People's Transportation on the Road by Public Transportation

5. Ministry of Transportation No. KM 31 of 1995 concerning Road Transportation Terminal

6. Tangerang City Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2017 on The Second Amendment to Regional Regulation No. 15 of 2011 on Business Road Levy

7. Tangerang Mayor's Regulation No. 116 on The Establishment of Organization and Working Procedures of Terminal Technical Implementation Unit at the Transportation Office

1. SOP of each office work unit at the Tangerang City Transportation Office

2. SOP of Vehicle Arrival and Departure

3. SOP Land Lease Permit and Kiosk

1. This disobedience to the SOP will disrupt the system and decrease the performance of the work

1. Understand the laws and regulations regarding terminals

2. Have the ability to coordinate and communicate with the team

3. Able to serve service users in a friendly, deft, and professional manner

4. Understand the characteristics and culture of the community

1. Levy Post

2. Levy Ticket

3. Equipment and ATK

1. Recapitulation of Retribsusi Income

2. Monthly Reports and Annual Reports

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